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Michael J. Owen (1969 - 2012)

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Michael J. Owen

In 2012, Michael J. Owen, a gifted instrumentalist (cello and guitar) and talented vocalist, passed away suddenly at 43 years of age.  MJOMEF was founded both to honor Michael and his quiet, but deep passion for music and to help foster greater interest in instrumental music among under-served students in Seattle’s elementary schools.

Michael opted to live a rather simple life with music at the center of it.  Although he certainly was fun-loving, Michael was also a serious student and performer of diverse musical forms.  After graduating from Roosevelt High School, Michael (Mo to his friends)studied voice at North Seattle Community College.  He was both a soloist in a church choir and a lead singer guitarist in a local heavy metal band.  After Michael’s death, family friends who helped pack up his house were both touched and inspired by Michael’s library of  books on composition, music theory, and related matters, and by the obvious care he gave to his musical instruments and equipment.  Clearly, music-making was Michael’s greatest passion throughout his tragically short life.

The goal of MJOMEF is to help ensure that all children, and especially those attending elementary schools with a high portion of low-income families, have a rich opportunity for music-making so, like Michael, they can enjoy music throughout their lives.

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Michael J. Owen